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VA Loan Captain

VA Loan Captain provides education and support for veterans and veteran friendly real estate agents. With few educational resources and a small contingency of real estate agents who either have specific certifications or have worked with veterans previously, the process is frustrating from start to finish.

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The Challenge

The Patriot Program is VA Loan Captain's first B2C product and serves as a unique portal for real estate agents to connect with veterans. The product’s two main user groups were veterans and Cassandra identified users' needs to determine the processes of the Patriot Program and highlighted layouts and features that would feel intuitive and helpful for users.

With her guerrilla-style research approach, Cassandra determined that both groups needed more educational resources. Realtors wanted to send them out to veterans, and veterans wanted to understand the VA home loan process better. Veterans wanted to trust that their real estate agents understood their personal needs, goals and wants throughout the process. Real estate agents truly enjoy working with veterans, but they needed a better way to find new clients and establish trust with them from the start.

The Impact

Cassandra created prototypes of both realtor-facing and veteran facing screens. She designed unique portal and profile pages for the real estate agents within the Patriot Program so they could establish trust with prospective clients, showcase their relevant experience, and find and share educational resources for themselves and veterans. Veterans now had what they needed to know to trust a realtor, and had access to educational resources on the VA home loan process that outline the timeline and stakeholders involved in the process.