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United Somali Youth

United Somali Youth (USY) is a non-profit community engagement organization working to empower and improve the lives of inner city refugee and immigrant youth.

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The Challenge

United Somali Youth needed a web presence that presented a direct and emphatic explanation of their mission and a call to action to donate to their cause. In a crowded market of non-profit donation requests and less-established community organization vying for attention, United Somali Youth needed to stand out and look professional

From the original group dialogues, we moved forward with a central web platform built via Wordpress, custom PHP, and integrated with PayPal. The Wordpress backend allowed for website updates to be made internally and without technical expertise.

Full and automatic Facebook integration allowed for an more active platform and central source for USY’s media and daily updates. An elegant and prominent ‘donation’ call-to-action was incorporated to highlight the organization’s need and provide an easy path to donate. Along with this initial technology setup, we worked as a team to develop a plan for frequent social media and web platform updates.

The Impact

United Somali Youth has a significant web presence with their mission and goals are delivered in a lean and minimal design. Their organization is served by a central source of information for program participates, families, community members, grant writers, and potential donors.

USY’s new process for frequent updates allows them to stay top of their stakeholders’ minds and the community at-large. They now use their website to send updates to program participants and their families as well as posting updates to the potential donors and the community at-large. Overall donations have increased as well as responses to their stakeholder email updates.