Let's build good, together.


Who We Are

Collectively is a product design studio that helps mission-driven entrepreneurs build technology that matters.

Through strategy, design, and development, we work with entrepreneurs, changemakers, and institutions to create technology that empowers people to overcome their biggest challenges.


We’re a nimble team of mission-driven, passionate technologists.

Being small means we can constantly push creative boundaries and work in close collaboration with our partners. Great design doesn't happen in a bubble; it happens when people of different people with different ways of seeing the world trade ideas and collaborate.

While our job titles might be ‘designer’ or ‘developer’, we’re all part of the same team reaching for a common goal.

We’re in it for the long haul.

We believe that we go far when we go together. When we have a common mission, we’re not just ‘clients’ and ‘consultants’; we’re all part of the same team.

That’s why we build lasting, mission-driven partnerships with everyone we work with. It’s the only way we can truly create sustainable social impact.

We put people first.

We believe technology shouldn’t be built for technology’s sake. It’s not meant just to look nice. It’s meant to work to provide real, lasting value for the people using it, and we strive to work with people whose businesses and organizations are a force for good.

We might be technologists, but we're also real human beings. We won't talk to you like a computer; we'll make sure you understand everything we're doing and why it's important we do it.

Our Team

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Peter Liu

Director of Web Design and Development

Peter Liu is a designer and developer. He believes there’s a huge divide in resources and talent between the technology world and the social impact world and his mission is to create technology that empowers people to overcome their biggest challenges. He sees design as not just how it looks, but how it solves problems for the people it is designed for. He’s worked with non-profit organizations, small businesses, and tech startups to lead projects from initial designs to actual implementation.

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Cassandra Gallagher

Director of User Experience

Cassandra is a UX / UI Designer with a formal background in Urban & Regional Studies. She applies those principles, along with UX, to her digital user-centered solutions. Having previously worked in tech education and for a socially conscious, eco-friendly beauty company, she aims to add value for companies that strive to change behavior for good.

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Chip Kennedy

Director of Technology and Engineering

Chip is a technology consultant and full stack software engineer. He consults with startup and small companies to bridge the gap between their business goals and their code. He focuses on architecting and building custom technology platforms and solutions. This includes researching the correct web technologies, building a product backend that knows its user and business goals, allowing for future scalability, and assuring a smooth deployment.

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